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Powder Coating Specialists

High Quality Electrostatic Powder Coating at Competitive Prices


Our constant investment in Powder Coating allows us to give you a quick turnaround no matter the size of your products.


Our automated Powder Coating booth gives the highest quality product.


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High Quality Powder Coating

Ultimate Powder Coating is a long established company with a wealth of experience. Based in Seaforth, Merseyside, we offer state-of-the-art Electrostatic Powder Coating at the highest quality, while giving the most competitive prices. We work with all main producers of powder and offer a wide range of RAL colours, whether they require polyester gloss or epoxy polyester, matt, texture, metallic, hammer finish, or heat-resistant powder.


Our Paint Facility

Our state-of-the-art Gema Self-Cleaning Powder Coating Booth features fully programmable reciprocators assited by sensors that inform them what size and length the parts are. The powder is applied using programs stored in its memory, this coats the metal to the desired amount of microns of of powder. Our booth also features an opti-centre to maximise utilisation of powder. This aides the business to achieve high levels of recycling of powder and also reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

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The Benefits of Powder Coating

Why Use Powder Coating?

Powder Coating can be applied to virtually any type of metal. The powder used is a mixture of pigment resin particles, that are electrostatically sprayed onto the chosen surface. This produces a high quality and extremely durable surface. It is pliable but hard enough to withstand a knock without chipping, and its quick turn around also means it’s commercially viable.

Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to wearing, fading and scratching than any other type of finishes. The number of colours available is virtually unlimited and they stay vibrant and bright.

Powder Coating is also better for the environment. Liquid finishes contain solvents that pollut the atmosphere, while powder coating contains no solvents and release negligable, if any, volatile organic compounds. This allows us to have lower costs as we have no need to maintain expensive pollution control equipment.

Ultimate Powder Coating serves all areas of Liverpool including Seaforth, Litherland, Birkenhead, Bootle, Crosby, Formby, Magull, Wavertree, Prescot, as well as the entire United Kingdom. We have our own trucks so can deliver to you no matter where you are.